Q3-Q4, 2020


Infrastructure set up with blockchain nodes, blockchain index database server and the indexed query APIs

100% Completed

  • BIS (Blockchain Indexed Server) v1
  • APIS-Core: ETH, BTC RPC testnets
  • APIS-Unified: wallets, transactions
  • DeFi support for ERC20, ERC721
  • Transaction state management

Q1-Q2, 2021


Add APIS-Unified endpoints for DEXes, lending platforms, and oracles; integrate Ethereum 2.0, IPFS & BSC. Main net beta.

20% In-Progress

  • DeFi: build Uniswap with APIS
  • DeFi: build Compound with APIS
  • Oracle support on APIS
  • Ethereum 2.0, IPFS, BSC support
  • Main net beta launch

Q3-Q4, 2021


Support for additional blockchains, alpha release of the decentralized indexed server and APIS token ecosystem with Governance

0% Not Started

  • Main net launch for multiple chains
  • Support for Solana, Algorand, etc.
  • Decentralized Indexed Server
  • APIS token ecosystem alpha launch
  • Governance