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Culture and Core Values

At APIS, we believe in the decentralized future. Community ownership ensures the platform that’s built with the help of all the community stakeholders (developers, content providers, and any 3rd party contributors) will always serve the community’s common good, for both product and value generation.

Progressive Decentralization

The founding team’s goal is to implement the product roadmap and build the community to a place where APIS becomes a sustainable ecosystem–a useful tool for blockchain developers and generates values for the participants of the ecosystem. The APIS project will then be released to the community and hand off the governance to a DAO.

We Are Hiring

We are looking for folks who share the same values and vision of the future to join our core team. If you are passionate about the blockchain technology, and want to contribute to the APIS project full time, please contact any of our team members on LinkedIn.

Jr Full Stack Engineer

Responsibilities include documentation of api endpoints, implementation of both backend and frontend and integrations, write automation tests, etc. Tech stacks include: NodeJS, React, Redux, GraphQL, Postgres, Web3, Solidity, etc.

Sr Blockchain Integration Engineer

Responsibilities include implementing all endpoints connecting to different blockchains. Able to learn new languages and blockchain architecture on the fly.

Community Support Engineer

Responsibilities include helping other developers use APIS to build out their DApps. Technical knowledge and hands-on experiences with APIS product and able to provide guidance and help other developers to debug, submit change requests and feature requests and bug reports. Strong communication skills and technical understanding a must.