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Instant Infrastructure

Query Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains without running nodes or expensive infrastructure.
Get instant access to different blockchains using APIS-Core.

Multi-Blockchain Support

Enjoy a single interface for all blockchains with the APIS Unified Interface.
Integrate highly customized.

Lightning Fast Queries

Highly available APIS nodes cache and index blockchain data so you can get results over 10x times faster.

Extensible Architecture

Leverage pre-built modules and contribute your own to the APIS developer ecosystem.
Receive dev-shares when others use your service.

Experience the power of simplicity

APIS-core includes native RPC support for each blockchain, so you have the ultimate control of your integration. APIS Unified Interface enables access common, cross-blockchain features with simple yet powerful interfaces

Instant Access

Major blockchains are supported out-of-the-box

  • Ethereum 1.0 main and testnets
  • Ethereum 2.0 (testnets only)
  • Bitcoin main and testnets

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